Remember when snowstorms used to just drop snow?  Now, there's sleet, ice pellets, rain mixing in and glaze throughout the event. Forecasting Winter storms has never more complicated; however, advances in supercomputing technology with very-high resolution modeling has allowed private forecasting firms to give detailed attention to a specific area's weather forecast. By subscribing to WeatherPrep, LLC's daily email forecasts, your school will have the upper hand in knowing precisely when inclement weather strikes, allowing you to make contingency plans early, and keeping your staff and students safe.
School Closing Support Decisions due to Inclement Weather

Administrators in education now have a custom weather resource in forecasting Winter weather events for their school district.

WeatherPrep, LLC has been a trusted resource by private educational institutions in New Jersey during the worst and sometimes fast-changing Winter weather. Working directly with the National Weather Service, you can rest assured that a trusted team of meteorologists has compiled your weather data.

Some of the greatest challenges, and most important to a school district, is timing out when a Winter storm creates inclement weather. This is how WeatherPrep, LLC excels. Your daily e-mailed forecast will include specific details as to when the snow begins, how intense it falls, when it ends, and how much accumulates.

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